The Partnership

We are a group of sailors from various states in the US as  well as Great Britain. We have all sailed and owned boats for a number of years. The group has a maximum membership of 8 and each partner has an equal vote regarding the boat. 
We strive to be low key and our main purpose is to enjoy sailing in the pristine waters of the Virgin Islands, from Anegada in the BVI to Saint Croix in the US Virgins as well as the Spanish Virgins. The members are also free to arrange one way trips between themselves and sail down to the Leeward and Windward islands.

The Boat: Discovery is a 2007 34ft. Beneteau two cabin sloop with a larger head with a shower. It was recently fitted with new sails, canvas, electronics, mattress pads, fitted sheets, dinghy and outboard. Just bring shorts, tees and bathing suits.
Discovery is insured, US Coast Guard documented, as well as inspected and maintained on a regular basis by professional yacht services located at Nanny Cay. The result is, you can enjoy up to 4 weeks of sailing in a beautiful location on your own yacht for less than a one week charter.

Marina: She is generally berthed at Nanny Cay Marina in Tortola where it is also kept on the hard during hurricane season. However, it can also be handed off to arriving members in Saint Thomas near the airport. We keep some of the expenses down by doing the cleaning and laundry ourselves between trips. Since it is a 34ft boat it only takes a few hours. However professional services are available at the marina.

Pricing: Yearly maintenance is $2400 paid quarterly.

Season: The sailing season is from November through July.  Each partner has 2 weeks usage in prime time (Dec. through April)
and 2 weeks the other months. They can also choose to use up to 4 weeks at one time during non prime time periods.

Members receive an Operating Agreement and have access to the online calendar to schedule their trips.


Discovery-VI Sailboat Partnership